"ANANDA" CD Release Concert at German Consulate NY Oct. 23!
(the new album feat. Jeff Ballard, D.Stryker, Zach Brock, V. Neselovskyi, Pete McCann, Adam Armstrong, CF, Mivos Str. Quartet). Early Start time 6pm; w/ Zach, Vadim, Adam & me.

Get tickets ONLY here, NO Sale on evening: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/cd-release-concert-christian-finger-band-new-cd-ananda-tickets-13046080177

Bob Blumenthal about CD "Ananda: "It takes an exceptional composer, leader and percussionist to conceive a program of such ambition and scope, much less to make it work. Christian Finger is all three in one person, and Ananda marks him as an exceptional and exemplary contemporary musician."
German Consulate
Address: 871 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017
Phone:(212) 610-9700


IN is out! The new NY metro-based jazz group, a collaboration of equals consisting of distinguished pros Harvie S (double-bass), Tim Armacost (sax and flute), and Christian Finger (drums), has just released its first album, Defining Moment. It’s jazz that’s rhythm-driven,sometimes straight ahead, sometimes whimsical – opening out into soaring, atmospheric explorations still tight and grounded.

The new CD is getting race reviews for distinguished Jazz Magazines.
Get the new CD here:www.cdbaby.com/cd/intrio
More Info about IN: www.facebook.com/ingreatmusic

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