Merge Into Beauty
(Finger Music Productions) 

Sophisticated, melodic Jazz performed by an outstanding international group of New York's finest musicians, joined by a stellar String Quartet - combining jazz, classical, pop, and turning it into an exceptional sound of its own. 






Christian Finger (Germany): drums, composition, arrangement

Rich Perry (USA): tenor saxophone

Adam Armstrong (Australia): bass

Vadim Neselovskyi (Russia): piano

Tom Chang (Canada): guitar

Momenta String Quartet (USA)











Comments by leading Jazz Magazines & Musicians:

“Christian Finger’s Merge Into Beauty is a work of great compositional depth and emotion… This album, the follow up to his Balance recording that features Lee Konitz, uses a wide harmonic palette and a large array of musical colors and shades to create a mood that is unique and captivating…you are sure to enjoy basking in Finger’s gorgeous music… a breathtaking, stunning beautiful album.”
Dan Bilaski, “Jazz Improv Magazine” June 2007 

“…a top shelf production of Finger’s international band…spellbinding solos and potent interaction; draws from many influences though his mix sounds much like a suite, Finger’s compositions have hooks that immediately grab the listener...”
Ken Dryden, “All About Jazz” May 2007 

„Great CD and playing, commitment to the moment,....Congratulations! “
Jeff Ballard 

“On Merge Into Beauty, the drummer leads his agile band with the kind of percussion first tunes that makes all the action seemed supercharged… a compositional sense that integrates third stream influences inspire to overwhelm.”
Jim Macnie, "Village Voice” May 2007  

“Taking the reigns… very tasteful drumming here..”
“Modern Drummer Magazine” 

“The Christian Finger Band played an amazing set.  The audience loved the music, ranging from quiet, colorful and introspective compositions to fast tunes, covering a wide variety of styles; “Nu Drance” was definitely a crowd pleaser”
Jazz Radio Sydney, Australia  

"Good compositions, playing and compositions, congratulations."
John Riley

"Fantastic CD!"
Billy Drummond

The CD Merge Into Beauty, recorded in NYC, features superior sound quality with musicians who have worked with famous artists such as Lee Konitz , Dave Kikovski (Christian), Gary Burton (Vadim), Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, Maria Schneider, Richard Beirach (Rich), Kenny Kirkland (Adam), Greg Osby, The Supremes (Tom), among many others.

The Momenta String Quartet is one of the finest ensembles for performing contemporary music in the USA.


1. Nu Drance
2. End Of An Era (For Elvin Jones)
3. String Interlude I
4. Halfway Till Dawn (For Billy Strayhorn)
5. Alone In Cologne
6. String Interlude II
7. Heartsong
8. You Make Nice Noise
9. Halfway Till Dawn II
10. String Interlude III (My Little Prayer)
11. My Little Prayer
12. Falling In Love with Love
13. The Peacocks

Total time 59.00



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